Magnetostrictive linear position sensors in the profile housing

The BTL magnetostrictive linear position sensors from Balluff in a profile design are non-contacting and absolute measuring systems for precisely detecting one or more positions. They deliver outstanding performance in harsh environments, such as in presses, injection molding machines, or gantry robots, since they are made of an hermetically sealed IP67 aluminum housing. The magnets of the position encoder act on the measurement element through the wall of the aluminum profile.

The linear position sensors have flexible installation options. You can get the required position encoder in a floating or captive variant. As floating position encoders, they are attached directly to the moving machine component to be measured and move along with it at a certain distance above and along the profile. The advantage with this: The guiding precision is not subject to stringent requirements. The measurement systems tolerate a horizontal and vertical offset of just a few millimeters.


-High resolution of up to 0.5 µm

-Measuring lengths of up to 7620 mm

-Measures several positions and speeds at the same time

-Non-contacting, thus free from wear – no downtimes and a long service life

-Easy integration with equipment through a variety of interfaces – such as IO-Link, Profinet, EtherCAT, SSI, and analog

-Programmable output signals – invert, configure, and document the measurement range

-Three housing variants for flexible and fast installation depending on the space requirements and application

-Floating and captive encoders

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