Light grid

Our BLG light grids are ideally suited for scanning large areas, counting parts, detecting stack heights (of paper, for example), or for measuring the height of pallets. They are superior to classic through-beam sensors that typically only scan specific points.

The light grids from Balluff feature a switching output – for counting, for example – and an analog output for measuring tasks.


-Different lengths available

-Also suitable for large objects with a range of up to 2.1 m

-Ideal for counting due to its quick reaction time

-Robust metal housing

-Invisible infrared light

-Switching output (PNP) and analog output (0…10 V)

-Simple connection, easily-assembled installation without additional equipment

-Ready to use – no parameter setting necessary

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BLG 1-010-210-050-PV01-SX

Dimensional Light Grid

$560.88 $476.75

BLG 1-010-210-070-PV01-SX

Dimensional Light Grid

$544.27 $462.63

BLG 1-015-210-050-PV01-SX

Dimensional Light Grid

$627.30 $533.20

BLG 1-015-210-070-PV01-SX

Dimensional Light Grid

$609.89 $518.41

BLG 1-030-210-070-PV01-SX

Dimensional Light Grid

$913.57 $776.53