Handheld-Code-Reader BVS HS-P

The BVS HS-P handheld barcode readers read all common 2D, 1D and stacked barcodes fast and reliably. As HDW variant Highresolution codes (to 2.5 mil for 1D) as well as large areas (up to Letter format / DIN A4) can be read up to 70 cm away. The DPW variant is optimized to solve up to 80% of all Direct part mark applications. The reader offers industry standard IP 65 protection and can withstand repeated drops on concrete from a distance of up to 2 m. This ensures reliable use in harsh environments in addition to logistics and warehousing. The wireless models with Bluetooth give users maximum mobility up to 100 m from the base station. The operator-friendly and ergonomic reader is intuitive and simple to use.

Mobile operation

The wireless versions are equipped with Bluetooth technology for safe data transmission. This allows users freedom of movement in an environment of up to 100 m around the base station.

Diverse applications

The handheld code readers have various applications including: control of replenishment process (Kanban systems), manufacturing control, optical tool identification, component tracking, quality control and inventory control (control by Kanban systems).


-Reliable read confirmation via acoustic signal, 2 green LEDs and projection of a green LED spot on the code that has been read

-Intuitive aiming system using a highly visible laser marking frame

-Charge once – up to 30,000 read cycles using lithium ion rechargeable battery

-Work without fatigue thanks to low weight and ergonomic shape

-High-Density versions read high-resolution codes (up to 2.5 mil for 1D) as well as large areas (up to A4)

-Maximum read ranges up to 110 cm

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Handheld-Code-Reader BVS HS-P

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Handheld-Code-Reader BVS HS-P

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Handheld-Code-Reader BVS HS-P

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Handheld-Code-Reader BVS HS-P

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