Displays from Balluff are ideal for control cabinet installation. Choose from between analog value displays, axis indicators and display modules with SSI interface or digital pulse interface. The various interfaces ensure optimal integration. And with a variety of setting possibilities you can use our displays with great flexibility. Depending on the model, parameter settings are made using function keys or on the front touch screen.



-Easy to install

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Display Unit

$1,018.14 $865.42

BDD 610-R3Q3-0-51-N-00

Display Unit

$338.51 $287.73

BDD 610-R3Q3-0-53-N-00

Display Unit

$421.78 $358.51

BDD 611-R3Q4-0-52-N-00

Display Unit

$640.81 $544.69

BDD 622-R3Q4-0-52-N-00

Display Unit

$1,013.71 $861.65

BDD 640-R3A-0-00-E-00

Display Unit

$422.65 $359.25

BDD 644-R3A-0-54-E-00

Display Unit

$569.84 $484.36

BDD 645-R3A-5-53-E-00

Display Unit

$620.85 $527.72

BDD-UM 3023

Display Unit

$316.79 $269.27