Weld-immune inductive sensors

Increase the availability of your systems while reducing maintenance and storage costs. Weld-immune inductive sensors from Balluff detect metallic objects such as steel, aluminum, or brass, with the same switching distance. With their ceramic coating, they are just as resistant to metal spatter, slag, and combustion residues as they are to magnetic fields arising from electric welding currents of up to 25 kA. Even abrasive media and cleaning agents cannot harm them. Perfect for use in welding, induction hardening installations, and similarly harsh industrial environments.


-Extremely robust

-Magnetic field immune


-Resistant to abrasive media and cleaning agents

-Various configurations and sizes

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BES M08MH1-PSC20B-S04G-101

Weld-immune inductive sensors

$140.99 $119.84

BES M08MH1-PSC30B-S04G-101

Weld-immune inductive sensors

$220.98 $187.83