9020TP Series JIC Test Port Tee

Tees and Crosses:

These are described as fittings with entirely identical threads (3 for tees, 4 for crosses). They are all the same gender and thread type. For example, a Male BSPP Tee is a fitting with 3 identical male BSPP threads, while a Female BSPP Cross has 4 identical female BSPP threads.

Branch Tees and Run Tees:

Branch Tees are 3 ended fittings with the common threads located straight across from one another, while Run Tees have the common threads located at 90° from each other. The rules for listing both branch and run tees are the same: if there is one thread type only, the part is usually listed by the odd thread gender first. For example, a Female JIS Run Tee has 2 male threads and one female (all JIS). Alternatively, if there are 2 thread types, the common threads are listed first, then the odd end (with gender reference). For example, a Male JIC X Male BSPT Run Tee has 2 male JIC threads and one male BSPT thread.

Test Port Tees:

Test port tees are not conversion adapters, rather they are meant to be placed in line with your current hydraulic system allowing for the implementation of a pressure gauge, for example. They usually consist of a male and female thread (swivel) that are always identical thread types. Test port thread types and sizes vary from fitting to fitting but are always female.

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9020TP Series

9020TP Series


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