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Gang Drive

Gang Drive

Mid Drive Gang Driven Conveyors

  • Adjustable for various product widths
  • Drive moveable between tails
  • Frees up ends of conveyor
  • Conveyor center distances can be moved while conveyor is running
  • Minimum width (x) = 4″ (101 mm) belt to belt (with std. guarding)
  • Minimum width (x) = 1.75″ (45 mm) belt to belt without guarding (end user responsible for point of installation guarding)
  • Maximum width (y) = 48″ (1,219 mm) belt to belt
  • Maximum total torque = 80 in-lbs
  • Compatible with side mount gearmotor package
  • Requires ½” diameter 16 tooth spline drive shaft

Gang Driven Side Mount Package

  • Compatible with all standard load and heavy load 90° gearmotors
  • Conveyor position is adjustable along length of spline drive shaft
  • Includes shafts, couplings, and expandable shaft guarding
  • Mount package is attached to the first conveyor
  • Maximum number of conveyors = 3
  • Maximum total torque = 80 in-lbs

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